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[[Video:Bioenerji- Bioenergy Therapeutin Nuray yücel|thumb|300px|right|Bioenerji- Bioenergy Therapeutin Nuray yücel]] thumb|300px|right|Nuray yücel showtv´de canli yayinda telefonla sayans uygulamasi thumb|300px|right|TGRT Haber Bioenerji Nedir? Erol KONUK thumb|300px|right|Dr. Şuayip Dağıstanlı Bu Gece Programında (Kasım 2005) Bölüm 1 thumb|300px|right|Bioenergija Tonka Katie - Monika C. Guči

thumb|300px|right|KLINIKA ZDROWIE cz. 3/3 thumb|300px|right|BIOTERAPIA - Metoda Domancica Miłomłyn k/Ostródy [[Video:Psychokinesis using the Domancic Method of Bioenergy|thumb|300px|right|Psychokinesis using the Domancic Method of Bioenergy]] [[Video:Bio-Energy|thumb|px|right|Bio-Energy]] thumb|300px|right|Telekinesis under glass bowl (after much training) thumb|300px|right|Videoyu yükleyenin notu:I first had a treatment of Bio-Energy in 1992. I was suffering from deep depression due to the collapse of a relationship. It didn't solve my problems but what it did do was increase my energy level to the point where I was able to think straight and begin to take back control of my life. Between 1996/7, I trained over the course of a year to become a Bio-Energy Therapist with Michael O'Doherty & Tom Griffin of the Plexus Bio-Energy institute. When people first go for a treatment of bio-energy, quite a large number of people report on the sensation of being pulled backwards or forwards by what seem to be invisible strings. These invisible strings are actually the magnetic field which flows from the earth up through our feet and from the universe down through the crown chakra. When a person develops a dis-ease, it can first be detected in the energy field. Energy follows thought and we are what we think and feel emotionally. A reconnection with the earth and with Prime Creator are a necessary factor in bringing balance and ease back to the body. Having been brought up a Catholic, I found that it did not sustain me during a time when I needed that connection most. I now believe that it is up to each of us to make that connection ourselves, no gurus, no masters. If we ask for the Creator to make that connection, it will happen....... Footage taken for Diploma Show in LSAD 2002....... This treatment is absolutely brilliant for burns as it grounds the pain. Think positive/negative. Pain is positive, if a negative is placed BESIDE positive, by the law of physics, the positive has to move... Peace Biorezonas bir alternatif tıp tedavi yöntemidir. Eski elektro akupunktur yöntemine benzer.

Biorezonans terapisi 1977 yılında keşfedilerek MORA olarak piyasaya sunuldu. Alman Franz Morell ve oğlu ile mühendis Erich Rasche tarafından geliştirilen metod daha sonra MORA (MOrell RAsche) olarak tanımlandı. Bu metod 1920'lerde ABD'de ortaaya atılan radionics üzerine şekillendirildi. Bilimsel olarak yararı kanıtlanamadığı için bir tedavi yöntemi olarak kabul edilmemektedir. Bazı makinalar cilt direncini ölçen elektrik devreleri içerir.

Teşhis ve TedaviEdit

Aşağıda belirtilen konulardaki belirtiler teşhis edebilmekte ve tedavi edilebilmektedir:

  • Enerji seviyesi / Vitamin eksiklikleri / Hücre yenileme (Cell oxygenation)
  • Zihinsel sağlık/ Stres / Adrenal activity
  • Hormonal düzensizlik / Bağışıklık sistemi
  • Alerjiler
  • Uyku bozuklukları
  • Kronik ağrılar
  • Kronik yorgunluklar
  • Hormonal düzensizlikler
  • Psikolojik rahatsızlıklar

Ayrıca bakınızEdit


Bioresonance therapy is a type of alternative medicine. "Electroacupuncture According to Voll" (EAV)[1] offers a similar but older method.[citation needed]

The German Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche, invented bioresonance therapy in 1977 . They marketed it as MORA-therapy - named after themselves (MOrell RAsche). This method is based on former radionics introduced in the USA during the 1920s. It is not part of scientific medicine, due to an absence of evidence.[2] Some of the machines contain an electronic circuit measuring skin-resistance, akin to the E-Meter used by Scientology, which the bioresonance creators sought to improve.[3] (Franz Morell had links with Scientology.[4]) Bioresonance has nothing in common with biofeedback concepts.

Mode of operation Edit

Descriptions are obscure.[5] Practitioners usually apply electrodes, linked to a box, to the patient's skin. According to the manufacturer of these devices, they emit alternating currents which are healing. The manufacturers describe cells as objects having a natural resonance (i.e. bio-resonance.) Such frequencies are not viewed as efficacious by modern medicine.

Due to the electrical interference of the signals generated by everyday equipment and the range of frequencies utilised, the response is sometimes read through an extended period, in order to average it and to increase the accuracy of the results.[citation needed] In some of these devices a modern signal processing technique, usually PC-based, is able to analyse the multiple parameters of the response and interpret the results. The analyst is then supposedly able to make an assessment/summary of the physical and mental health of the patient.

Practitioners also say they can treat disease using this therapy, claiming they can stimulate a change of bioresonance in the cells, reversing the change caused by the disease. The devices would need to be able to isolate and pinpoint pathogens' responses from the mixture of responses the device receives via the electrodes. Transmitting these transformed signals over the same electrodes is claimed[by whom?] to generate healing signals that have the curative effect. With this method of diagnosis and treatment, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs. The given mode of operation (pathogenic signals in opposition to healthy ones) is linked to similar concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially acupuncture.

Detection and healing Edit

Examples of symptoms or features that practitioners claim to detect:

  • energy level / vitamin deficiencies / cell oxygenation
  • mental health / stress / adrenal activity
  • hormonal disorders / immunity response

Examples of diseases allegedly healable with this method:

Controversy Edit

Lacking any scientific explanation of how bioresonance might work, researchers have classified it as pseudoscience.[7] Scientific studies[2][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] did not show effects above that of the placebo effect.

Proven cases of online fraud have occurred,[15] with a practitioner making false claims that he had the ability to cure cancer, and that his clients did not need to follow the chemotherapy or surgery recommended by medical doctors, which can be life-saving. Ben Goldacre ridiculed the BBC when it reported as fact a clinic's claim that the treatment had the ability to stop 70% of clients smoking, a better result than any conventional therapy.[16]

In the United States of America the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies "devices that use resistance measurements to diagnose and treat various diseases" as Class III devices, which require FDA approval prior to marketing. Some of these devices have been banned[by whom?] from the US market.[17]

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External linksEdit

  • An overview of the pseudoscience behind "bioresonance therapy": "Electrodiagnostic" Devices
  • "Bioresonance feedback" - Description of the subject, including references to Morell and Rasche, by practitioner Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I

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