South’s peppery, tart flavour and spicy dishes are Mersin’s kitchen’s characteristic quality as well. On same days, such as invitation,wedding,home made bread are mostly prepared with Roasting,Chees, Pie, Bişi,Sugar havla and Cibir. These are selviced with a brass tray on the towel. Meat included vegetable meals are mostly prepared for wedding meals. Arabaşı soup had an important role in Mut homeland used to cut a chicken and prepare a thick soup made with flour,butter and sugar,which is called ‘’BULAMAÇ’’ on long winter days.Guests,who sit on the ground cushion,used to play ring game and empty cups used to be brought with a tray while they were singing manias and chatting.When the game over,with plenty of pepper,tart flavour,Arabaşı soup used to come.Now,this custom is almost lost.Another lost As it is time to mention about Mut,we should tell something about sours.In the region,’’Pamegranate Sour’’ is called ‘’Black Sour’’.Pamegranates’ grain,which are picked up in September or October,are taken into the file and squashed in the boats.Sour obtained can be kept without spoiling for years.Sumach Tree’s fruits,which are grown in wild in the mountains,are picked up,are pasted in the large stone after being washed and dried up.Shiny sumach is obtained by sprinkling little olive oil and being rubed on sumach,which is eliminated by thin riddle.Black Nasty,called ‘’Ekin Dutu’’ while it is red,is picked up,dried up and pasted in the large stones.Wild plum is prepared by the same way,too. Bazlama,which is a homemade bread,is eaten mostly for breakfast and lunchs.It is eaten by putting precipitate,cheese union rusting,hot pepper and tomatoes,making ‘’Sıkmaç’’.Batırık,which is prepared with tomatoes and is only eaten at lunch time in summer,is the unqestionable of Mersin’s kitchen.Of the soups,Kulak,Topalak,TavaKebabı,Cezerye,Tantuni, Samsıra,Heleş,Mollaç,Keşkek,Palize,Water Halva,Mollases Bread and Gaygana are main dishes of the region.

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