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Proper nounEdit

Şablon:En-proper noun

  1. Country at the intersection of Europe and Asia on the Mediterranean. Official name: Republic of Turkey.


The most accabtable explanation comes from Turkish cunstractive languaist Kaymakam Eyup Sabri Kartal. According to him "Turkey word comes from Arabic تركى Turkish reading as Türkî that transmitted by Andlose arabic muslims to English language. Turkey ( تركى ) means belong to Turk. Look at the word Arab and Arabî (Arab-ey) (belong to Arab or arabic. ( ترك] (Turk) . تركى (Türkî). (ترك) Turk is a main word. So that other countries use Turkey or تركى , Ottoman Turkish:Turkî, Malay: Turki Turcia la(la), Şablon:Thai (Rum Toraki). Turki or Türkî word uses as well in Turkey. In Ottoman Turkish. In Ottoman Turkish "Lisan-ı Türkî" means "Turkish language" or "Turkî language" or "Turkick language"


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