Bu sayfa wiki model websitelerinden dikkate değer olanların listesidir .

Name Focus Notes Articles License
Wikipedia Encyclopedic Umbrella, multilingual MediaWiki project >&0000000012408000.00000012.408.000 CC-BY-SA
Hudong (互动在线) Encyclopedic Largest Chinese wiki. Social Networking features. Chinese language only >&İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ",".İfade hatası: Tanınmayan noktalama karakteri ","3.230.000 [1] Copyrighted
English Wikipedia Encyclopedic Public access, most prominent English wiki >&0000000000000067.08600067,086 [2] CC-BY-SA
Citizendium Encyclopedic Requires real names; guided by expert input while allowing edits from the general public >&0000000000010800.00000010.800 [3] CC-by-sa 3.0
Scholarpedia Encyclopedic Written exclusively by professionals focusing on their field of expertise; subject to peer review &0000000000001619.0000001.619 [4] Copyrighted
Knol Encyclopedic A wiki-like technology from Google >&0000000000100000.000000100.000 [5] CC-by 3.0
Wikibooks General—textbooks A wikimedia project >&0000000000115200.000000115.200 [6] GFDL + other
NotePub General purpose An online notepad that allows for both public and private content.
Wikiversity General—Self-directed learning Supports free learning communities, projects, materials, and learners; a wikimedia project GFDL + other
wikiHow General instruction A how-to manual >&0000000000062431.00000062.431 [7] CC-by-nc-sa 2.5
WikiAnswers General knowledge Compiles answers to questions posed >&0000000003625500.0000003.625.500 [8] Copyrighted
Everything2 Personal essays A wiki-like project for essays >&0000000000273900.000000273.900 [9] Copyrighted
MeatballWiki Communities—Online communities >&0000000000004900.0000004.900 [10] Copyrighted
Wikitruth Social—Criticism of Wikipedia >&0000000000000200.000000200 [11] GFDL
Conservapedia Encyclopedia Information and articles are written from a Conservative Christian viewpoint aimed at correcting the perceived liberal bias of Wikipedia. Contains allegedly onesided and sometimes faulty information. >&0000000000030600.00000030.600 [12] Copyrighted (free use)
Encyclopedia Dramatica Satire of Internet memes A satirical wiki >&0000000000007400.0000007.400 [13] Fair use
Uncyclopedia Satire—Parody A satirical encyclopedia dedicated to parody >&0000000000134000.000000134.000[14] CC-by-nc-sa 2.0
Wikiquote Reference—Quotations A quote repository, a wikimedia project >&0000000000090200.00000090.200 [15] GFDL
Wikisource Reference—Primary sources Dedicated to use on Wikipedia; a wikimedia project >&0000000000586400.000000586.400 [16] GFDL
Wikimedia Commons Misc—Electronic media A repository of free electronic media; a wikimedia project CC-SA and other
Biographicon Misc—Biographies of people A directory of personal profiles GFDL
BMEzine Encyclopedia Encylopedia An encyclopedia of body modification and body art 1,665 [17] GFDL
MyWikiBiz Misc—Business directory Allows people and enterprises to write about themselves
International Music Score Library Project Music A wiki library of public domain musical scores >&0000000000014800.00000014.800 [18] GFDL
LyricWiki Music—Lyrics A listing of lyrics by album >&0000000000722000.000000722.000 [19] CC-BY-SA
Whole Wheat Radio Music—Indie music An online community radio station featuring independent music
Memory Alpha Fiction—Star Trek Contains canon-only material >&0000000000029900.00000029.900 [20] CC-NC 2.5
WoWWiki Gaming—Warcraft Contains in-universe material >&0000000000078496.00000078.496 [21]
Wookieepedia Fiction—Star Wars Science fiction encyclopedia >&0000000000070000.00000070.000 [22] GFDL
MuseWiki Music—Muse Muse related information, biographies of the band and its members, full discography, lyrics, tour schedules and reports, news, tabulatures. >&0000000000009300.0000009.300
A Million Penguins Fiction—collaboratively-written novel &0000000000000491.000000491[23] Copyrighted
Galaxiki Fictional galaxy Dedicated to the creation of a fictional galaxy
Lostpedia Fiction—Lost
WikiWikiWeb Computer programming, specifically design patterns World's oldest wiki (began circa 1995) >&0000000000033886.00000033.886 [24] GPL
Javapedia Computers—Java An online encyclopedia for developing Java
SWiK Computers—Open source software
GeoNames Places A geographical database that links specific names with unique features
City wiki Places An umbrella term for a variety of wikis dedicated to cities or other geographic regions
The Student Room Place—UK University and student life Offers UK university guides, revision notes, examples of university personal statements and information on student life and university courses
DavisWiki Place—Davis, California A city wiki dedicated solely to Davis; at one point the largest city wiki >&0000000000013000.00000013.000 [25] CC-by 3.0
Dickipedia - A Wiki of Dicks Satire—Parody an encyclopedia of satirical biographies "about people who are dicks"
Galbijim Wiki Place—South Korea Written by, and for an audience of South Korean expatriates
WikiPilipinas Place—The Philippines A combined non-academic encyclopedia, web portal, directory and almanac for Philippine-based knowledge
Travellerspoint Places—Travel A social networking site dedicated to sharing stories and recommendations about travel >&0000000000002400.0000002.400 [26] CC-SA 3.0
OpenStreetMap Places—Maps Uses GPS, aerial photography and other free sources of images to create a map of the world CC-SA 2.0
WikiMapia Places—On-line map Combines Google Maps with a wiki system; currently supports 35 languages
Wikitravel Places—Travel A travel guide using wikimedia's software, but otherwise unconnected to the Wikimedia Foundation. 20 supported languages >&0000000000048000.00000048.000 [27] CC-SA 1.0
World66 Places—Travel A formerly Dutch company now owned by Internet Brands &0000000000046100.00000046.100 [28] CC-SA 1.0
Baidu Baike Encyclopedic/Chinese A Chinese encyclopedia &0000000001519920.0000001.519.920 [29] Copyrighted
WikiZnanie Encyclopedic/Russian A Russian language encyclopedia released under the FreeBSD Documentation License
Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español Encyclopedic/Spanish A Spanish language fork of Wikipedia GFDL
Vikidia Encyclopedic/Spanish and French A Spanish and French language encyclopedia for children ages 8–13 GFDL Encyclopedic/Swedish A Swedish language encyclopedia, which competes with Swedish Wikipedia >&0000000000063400.00000063.400 [30] Copyrighted
Wikinews General—News Collaborative news service, a wikimedia project GFDL and other
GCPEDIA Government Internal Government of Canada Wiki
ZineWiki Social—Independent media A zine encyclopedia
WikiCandidate Fictional presidential campaign A virtual campaign for a fictional U.S. presidential candidate. A project of Cornell University.
Congresspedia Government—United States Congress A separately branded sub-section of SourceWatch GFDL
Diplopedia Government—Diplomacy Encyclopedia of the U.S. Department of State collecting items related to international relations and diplomacy
Jurispedia Government—Law A multi-lingual academic encyclopedia, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish CC-NC
SourceWatch Social—Propaganda Formerly Disinfopedia, discusses propaganda and includes organizations that seek to influence public opinion GFDL
Wikileaks Social—Whistleblowers Allows people to leak documents anonymously -
Intellipedia Government—Intelligence Three non-accessible wikis running on networks that link the U.S. intelligence community
WikiTimeScale General—Human history An interactive timeline of history GFDL
OpenWetWare Science—Biology Promotes sharing and dissemination of knowledge related to biological research CC-SA
Wikispecies Science—Biology A directory of species; wikimedia project GFDL...
BOWiki Science—Gene function An ontology curation framework and gene function editor GFDL
SNPedia Science—Biology A database of research and information about single-nucleotide polymorphisms >&0000000000003000.0000003.000 [31] CC-by-nc-sa 3.0
Psychology wiki Science—Psychology Promotes sharing and dissemination of knowledge related to psychological research
Sensei's Library Misc—Go (game) >&0000000000018200.00000018.200 OPL
PlanetMath Misc—Mathematics Free wiki-style mathematical encyclopedia GFDL
ATWiki Misc—Assistive technology Also addresses disabilities related to assistive technology
ShopWiki Misc—Products A shopping wiki and product comparison search engine featuring buying guides and shopping resources
RitchieWiki Reference—Construction Equipment An equipment wiki geared for the construction industry. Includes equipment specifications. Also available in French and Spanish. Reference—Food and Cooking A Creative Commons structured wiki about foods, recipes, and other culinary information. CC-BY
Appropedia English Appropriate technology and sustainable development.
Ekopedia Multilingual—Encyclopedic Environmental sustainability. CC-SA 3.0
Heroes Wiki Fiction—Heroes CC-NC-ND
Medpedia Encyclopedic Medical/health Requires real names; guided by medical expert input while allowing edits from the general public GFDL
WiserEarth Social and Environmental Responsibility
Catawiki Catalogues Dutch language only. Collectors specific for comics, coins, stamps, trading cards, board games, model cars, model trains, bank notes, books, watches, disney memoriablia, clocks en other. >&0000000000200000.000000200.000
Collegewikis Information exchange among college students Internet directory originally with MediaWiki software, but now largely with Ruby on Rails >14,000,000 GFDL and CC-BY-SA
SKYbrary Aviation safety information
Bulbapedia Pokémon Created by, a Pokémon focused network >11,000

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  3. Citizendium - Category:CZ Live lists the number of clusters. Citizendium also contains subpages: see Citizendium - Special:Statistics for details.
  13. http://www.encyclopediad*

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